Aion 1.7.1

Keep track of time in any time zone


  • Sits in menu bar
  • Search for time zones by city
  • Time calculator


  • Time calculator can be confusing

Very good

If you travel a lot, or if you work with people who are spread across the globe, it can get really annoying having to calculate what time it is on their side of the planet.

Aion cleverly sits in your menu bar and can show the time in as many time zones as you want from a drop down menu. We liked the search feature, which lets you easily find time zones just by typing a city name.

The time calculator function is great to get a quick idea of how many hours separate two different time zones. Even though it's very easy to use, we wonder if it really is that necessary.

After all, you can quickly use the search tool to find new time zones and immediately see the hour difference between these.

A great tool for world travelers, it'll make sure you're on time anywhere on the globe.

Aion is a program that enables You to keep track of actual time in other time zones. Aion is an applicaiton for the MacOS X operating system, uses NSMenuItem which means that it's attached to the main menu bar.

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Aion 1.7.1

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